Develop The Complete
Musician Within

Lessons in Rhythm, Vocals, Improvisation, Jazz & Blues

What is TheTotalMusician?

The Total Musician is one who learns more than just their instrument…they learn all aspects of music.

This means learning how to engage the voice, master rhythm, improve their ears and learn how to use music theory to their advantage.

TheTotalMusician is not for every student. 

*UPDATE* All TheTotalMusician lessons are now at Jazzedge Academy. Click here for a free trial.

TheTotalMusician is for students who want to go as far as they can with their musical skill.

There will be lessons on music theory, developing your ears, rhythm, vocal training and more!

Everyone has a level of musical talent within them. The question is how far does that student want to take their talent? Or, another way of looking at it, how willing is the student to work and practice to make that talent known?

If you’re interested in unleashing your inner musical talent, TheTotalMusician is for you!

My Students...

I’m gaining confidence in my piano playing. Anyone who’s ever wanted to learn improvisation and jazz piano would definitely benefit from Willie’s classes


Watch Ellen perform The Days of Wine and Roses. With Jazz Piano Lessons you’ll learn how to create basslines, fills and learn to create your own improvisation.


Willie builds you up so that eventually you’re playing this wonderful music that you feel like you’ve created because he’s shown you how to create it for yourself.


About Jazzedge

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Our Guarantee

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your lessons. If for any reason you are not, write in to us and we will be happy to help. You can get help at any time by clicking on the ‘help’ button in the bottom-right section of each page.